Ada Stake Pool List - Scroll down for the 1000 Ada Contest!!
200 Ada per winner for the top 5 selected ideas.

You can check back here for more details on Cardano Shelly and staking in March - April 2019 when staking is expected to go live in Daedalus. The staking pools listed here have not been vetted. Do not send your Ada to anyone claiming to be a pool. The correct method for staking Ada will be released when staking is online.

Many thanks to RobJF and the contributors at the Cardano Wiki at

Contest "I am looking for the top 5 ideas to increase visibility and awareness of the Cardano stake pools"

Here are the details:

  • Leave one idea per comment, and post the receiving wallet address with the comment.
  • If you have more than one idea, post it as a separate comment with a wallet address.
  • Feel free to comment on why certain web pages and telegrams are good and what can be improved. Posting your comparison of 3 web pages, telegram, reddits etc.. will count as 1 idea.
  • Maximum of 5 entries per user ID.
  • The top 5 selected ideas and comments will receive 200 Ada each, total of 1000 Ada payout.
  • Selection of the top 5 comments is TBD by 3 judges depending on the number a quality of entries. Maximum upvotes will be considered, but not the only factor.
  • The contest runs until March 30 at 00:01 GMT when a review will be completed, and payout will be on March 31.
  • Feel free to vote on other ideas you see listed and click on extra links above.