I am going to call it like it is… SCAMS. Where money is involved there are always scammers trying to make a quick buck or steal from the unwitting. Stay alert! If you identify a scam, let me know and we will get it listed. If your favorite scam is listed here in error, let me know as well.

There is a scam on telegram where the attacker posts a Daedalus… .zip file. Do not download any software from social media. Use only known good links.

If anyone you don't know tries to buy or sell crypto using direct messages on Twitter or Telegram, it is likely a scam. Don't do it.

Cardano Classic is a scam. Stay away from the telegram channel too.
For a comprehensive list of suspected scams and history of previous scams, see the list at the Cardano Wiki located here ->
If you are aware of any potential scams that target Cardano or Cardano users. Please let the community know in the comments here. Please be polite to other users. If you prefer to remain anonymous click -> contact. Cardano.Eco does not use or store your login data.

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